Interesting Orthopaedic In’s & Out’s

If you are taking reasonably good care of your feet, you will be wearing an inner sole or sock to support or cushion your feet from time to time. Out and about in the park, you could accidentally slip on a banana peel and twist your ankle. Now, while it is not solely the foot, rest assured that this is work that the orthopaedic surgeon houston practice could look at in the meantime. And here are a couple of interesting in’s and out’s about your feet.

It does have something to do with why your feet might be feeling a strain or the proverbial pinch from time to time. If, when walking regularly, your feet tend to arch extensively outwards, the orthopaedic surgeon will tell you that this is a case of supination. And if, when walking like you usually do, your feet tend to grossly curve inwards, quite heavily, he will tell you that you’re suffering from a bout of pronation.

In this latter case, it could be because you are heavily overweight and your feet and ankles are not able to bear the strain. You could just say that it over-compensates through these physical actions. Such matters, however, once diagnosed by your orthopaedic surgeon can easily be rectified. It may only require the use of supporting inners or orthopaedic socks. Or it might necessitate the prescription of specially prepared or built shoes.

People who suffer from such symptoms on an ongoing basis should not treat this lightly. Do seek professional help when you can. Because if you neglect this, it could lead to further impairments, quite possibly, even more damaging. Like sever back pain, for instance. And do not ever be offended if your orthopaedic surgeon makes the suggestion that you should lose weight.

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